Sewer Plant Chief Operator

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City Of Donna Position Title: Wastewater Plant Chief Operator Department:

Waste Water Plant

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Utility Director

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Under the general direction of the Utility Director, Position has responsibilities for reports and/or records.  Daily decision-making on a variety of items from simple to difficult.  Position requires daily contact with public which requires simple courtesies and exercise of tact and diplomacy.  Direct full time responsibility for directing, reviewing, evaluation and assisting job performance of one or more employees.



  1. To facilitate and coordinate the planning, organizing, and operation of the wastewater treatment plant.
  2. Provide a good safe working environment with proper equipment and tools for personnel.
  3. Maintaining good public relations.
  4. Ability to perform a wide variety of different types of tasks without the variety itself causing a loss of efficiency.
  5. Assigning work duties throughout the week. Assigning work duties throughout the week.
  6. Motivate personnel to achieve maximum efficiency to operations.
  7. Overseeing the collection of samples, and process testing.
  8. Observing variations in operations conditions.
  9. Interpreting meter readings, and test results
  10. Make operational changes when needed.
  11. Monitor wastewater plants.
  12. Maintain communication with immediate supervisor for total plant operation, personnel, and problem conditions.
  13. Maintain administrative records.
  14. Ability to repair pumps.
  15. Prepare monthly operation reports.
  16. Will perform other related duties as required.
  17. Assist in operation and maintenance of all Sanitary Lift Stations when directed by the Utility Director.


Lab equipment, tractor trucks, pumps, backhoe, turbidity meters, ph meters, jar test agitator etc… hand and powered tools, lawn mowers and weed eaters.


Position may have some unusual working hours, irregular hours or shifts, may involve occasional travel.  Exposure to hazards material, expose to variety of chemicals; may work under extreme outdoor conditions. The physical demands are up to medium lifting up to 50 lb. Significant standing, walking, moving, climbing, carrying, bending, kneeling, crawling, reaching, handling, sifting, pushing, and pulling.



Position requires considerable knowledge of the subject to perform effectively, with little direct supervision in work situations which are varied of which have deviations and irregularities.  Requires Texas Drivers’ license, High School Diploma or Equivalency, must have a T.C.E.Q. “Class B” Certification or higher in Wastewater.

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