The Finance Department is responsible for all financial records and transactions for the City of Donna.



307 S. 12th St.
Donna, TX 78537

Department Info

Department Info

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Maintain general ledger, subsidiary ledger, payroll records, accounts payable vendor files, fixed assets, inventory, and investments.

  2. Provide financial information for Grant applications and coordinate financial requests for reimbursement to City. Provide all information requested during Federal, State, and Local Grant Audits. Prepare surveys and questionnaires for governmental agencies. 

  3. Process, maintain and update Civil and Non-Civil payroll records.

  4. Review, approve, and process all purchase orders for procurement of all goods and services purchased for the City. Insure all departments are in compliance with Federal, State, and Local Purchasing Policies and Laws.

  5. Process Accounts Payable and Payroll for the City of Donna, Donna Economic Development Corporation, and Development Corporation of Donna.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Continue to work with departments to find mutual solutions to their budget and accounting related problems.

  2. Continue to make improvements to the City’s Budget and Financial Reporting in order to receive G.F.O.A.’s recognition.

  3. Continue to provide City Council, City Manager, and Department Heads accurate and timely financial information and reports.

  4. Continue to improve customer service by implementing an online payment system City wide and accepting credit cards.

  5. Continue to recommend to our utility customers to automatically pay their utility bills(s) through Automatic Bank Draft (ACH) and online.

Debt Obligation Schedule

Debt Obligation Schedule

Finance Staff

Finance Staff

David R. Vasquez

Director of Finance
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Carlos Carrizales

Assistant Director of Finance
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Maria Calderon

Accounting Coordinator
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Mary Rodriguez

Accounts Payable
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Margaret Lopez

Staff Accountant
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